3 Keys to Success When Studying Abroad

3 Keys to Success When Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be a challenging experience for students. The rhythm is different, accommodation is often far away from where you live, and there is a great deal to think about. These challenges make it very important for students to be able to study and take notes in a way that feels comfortable and enjoyable. Recently I wrote about school tours.

You should develop aids for studying abroad so that you don’t turn every paper into a composter. Here are some aids that are especially recommended for students.

Illiterate translator

Translate all important documents such as your test results and the study materials you use in your native language into the foreign language. Of course, make sure that you have a translator when you talk to your teachers. You can use your phone as a translator.

Sanskrit dictionary

One of the most important aids for studying abroad is a Sanskrit dictionary. By receiving a description of the language from the student and the teacher, you can ask the student to help you translate it by ear.

Citizenship and Passport

Be sure to acquire a passport and if applicable acquire an expedited passport. By going through this process, you will be able to have a passport more quickly. In addition to a passport, you should also seek the advice of a passport expediting service to help you get your passport to you in a hurry.

Packing for a Trip

Don’t take more than essentials. Of course, you need to pack for the weather (cold and wet), but also clothes to accommodate the activities you will be participating in (running and hiking). The recommendations in the following section are to help you pack for a possible trip to India.

Personal Items

You will have to think about how you will be eating during the trip. Pack snacks and drinks accordingly. If you are going to be alone, learn the drinking pattern of your host country so that you will know how many hours you need to drink a liter. The other important factor for your drinking needs is caffeine. Keep in mind that varying amounts of caffeine may affect your ability to focus.


Take any documentation with you. The identification document is a must. However, you will not be able to leave anywhere without a phone, so you need to take the phone and the identification card with you.


If you are heading off to a remote area without the means to seek accommodation, you will need to take your medication along. Make sure that you have the correct dose and that the medication has been prescribed.


This is one of the most crucial aspects of planning for a trip. You need to calculate the costs and dimensions of the transport, and even the additional daily charges (if any) to know the true cost that you will be asked to pay.

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