Best Places in Thailand in 2020

Best Places in Thailand in 2020

Best Places in Thailand in 2020

I don’t know why, but I still find the flowers from Thailand the most precious souvenirs I carry. The smell, the touch, the energy, the color, the bright colors of them, they are unforgettable. They, like the smell, only grow in places where Buddha has been.

Best place in Thailand to watch the big waves

It was in August. Entire Thailand was bedazzled by the developments on the sensitive and the renewable island of Phi Phi. The tourists who were camping they’re were beyond help, nutraceutical aid, food, shelter, and love.

I wandered the beach, stood by the ancient buildings, read about the untouched places, felt the warmth of the sun, and the dread of the defects, but what interests me most was Phra Nakhon, Krabi province.

Bakeries, markets, cushions, antique shops are among the common things leading to the tourists. Krabi is a must-see place, don’t skip it. The waters are clear, the air is warm and the mystique is tangible.

Best place in Thailand to swim with dolphins

Ao Nang is on the West coast of Thailand, an island that leads to the Asian mainland.

It is said that many years go ago, a pod of dolphins found drifting in the Thai waters. It’s no more. But the Taoist temples and the historical views around Ao Nang remain.

And I recommend you to visit Wat Po, an ancient temple drifting on the island’s northern shore. The island is full of climbing, swimming and snorkeling will impossible to resist. The same as in Cyprus when I was there.

Best place in Thailand to swim with the wild or friendly dolphins

Your agent can show you around the Phi Phi islands and Erawan National Park.

There are friendly dolphins that live in the waters surrounding this paradise. And you find yourself surrounded by them, swimming and enjoying their company.

Phi Phi Don features the kind of peaceful atmosphere that you would expect from a place that practically disappeared, but in many ways, it has managed to survive as beautifully as it has.

And the highlight of this area is the Phi Phi Sur hotel. Afterago traveling from Phuket, this is the kind of accommodation that you would hardly find anywhere else.

It features a spa, three swimming pools, a sports complex, and even a specially designed Thai pool. Other features of the high standard include massage rooms, hair salons, and health spas.

If you go to Phi Phi, you would doubtlessly find that there are lots of accommodation possibilities for you. It is a good idea to take an experienced travel agent to look for the best possible accommodation and reduce your costs. Search carefully, and you will get the best deal in town. If you are like other types of vacation then read about my journey to Taormina.