Cash For Treasures — Discover Historical Sights In Virginia

Cash For Treasures — Discover Historical Sights In Virginia

Cash for treasures, a wonderful opportunity to discover history and culture along with meeting new people, sounds like a ticket straight to the past. If you are thinking of Virginia for your vacation, check out the scores of historical sites in the area. The state tourism website, Virginia Travel, has a long list of activities you can do or see for your vacation. Some are self-guided, others are guided. You can check out the White House, the Battleship Memorial and the Cashtown National Historic Site.

If you go to the Battleship Memorial in Virginia Beach, you will experience a momentous site that serves as a memorial to those who lost their lives in World War II. There are exhibits of preserved battleship footage and a museum showing the evolution of warfare. One of the key themes is submarine warfare, and there is a display of old equipment, talks about the design of the ships, and a computer program that demonstrates how the technology works. Your Virginia Beach hotel may have an office located at the Visitors Center.


If you are interested in architectural history, the town of Monticello is worth a visit. The stately architecture of Thomas Jefferson’s home gives tourists a glimpse of the federally-designated slave-holding district, home to three of the most powerful men in America, including George Washington. Monticello also offers self-guided tours, as well as guided tours.


There is a lot to see in Habsburg, a small town in the state’s southwest corner. The town heritage is strong and visitors can explore the Wildfire Cemetery, a vast expanse of burial ground dedicated to the memories of slaves who died of hunger, war, or illness. One of the most interesting aspects of the cemetery is the full-scale replica of a slave house, including a kitchen and many living quarters. The site also has a museum with Slavery: The Exhibit, a multimedia presentation that serves as an educational tool.


Williamsburg is near Washington, DC, and is well known for its historic mal Peerless Hotel, made famous in the film and television series of the same name. It is located on one of the most beautiful spots in the country, Route 50, and nearby you will find many hotels and lodges. The nearby Williamsburgia Resort Hotel. Waitsville Station, home to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello estate, makes a great place to stop for the day.

Haggett’s Castle

The town of Haggett, just north of Richmond, makes an excellent day trip. The nearly 900-year-old castle, one of the oldest structures in the state, was purchased by Thomas Fahrenheit in 1739 and was used by various warlords over the years. It is made up of a total of 18 rooms, 12 apartments, and 610 rooms, over a total area of 15 acres.

Haggett’s Edge Village is an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, Victorian homes, amusement parks, and a zoo. The wholes an eclectic mix of 55 village sites around the world. Also, check out my recent post about my journey to a fabulous Las Vegas.

Six interesting places to visit around Williamsburg

Bacon’s Castle – Not quite a castle, this grew from one of the original Fever Fort Fort castles, the remains of which can still be seen. Surrounded by the woods of the Purchase Forest, with the Prospector’s Tavern offering great views of the coast, it may not offer the luxury of aönummiwah converted into a restaurant, however, the windowed two-story living quarters certainly take the smell off your meals!

Brooks Barnyard – Temperatures haven’t climbed much above the freezing mark in this century, so you can expect some great fall foliage to decorate the sides and canopy. The owners of the brook ask that you please clean our windows before you leave, also some funky ways to use the waste heat here.

Houghton/Coastland Yacht Club – The longest-running and established children’s club in the country. Many of the club’s newest members are Phipps Children’s Organists, a local high school talent scout for children.

Mermaid waterfall – Located minutes from New Kingdom Beach, you can watch the constant rainfall on the roof of the 18-story hotel towering over the Atlantic Ocean. Hotels offer many indoor activities as well as outside ones.

Plank walkway – Not one of your typical indoor constructed walking ways, the plank walkway takes 5 1/2 hours to complete over a distance of 100 feet.

Ridge walkway – With 18 floors, this is the largest of its kind in pounds, measuring 2,000 feet long and 500 feet wide. The walkway is constructed using 4 million pounds of bonded timbers held tight by over 7,000 steel strands. There is a lot of places in the world to visit. A beautiful Marocco, or Hawaii.

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