Fun Things to Do While on Vacation

Fun Things to Do While on Vacation

Here is our list of things to do while on vacation. Have a good one!

1. Buy a new or take your old book. I like to mix up my library with my Amazon favorites. Just saying to take a stroll or stop at a local bookstore is exciting.

2. Fix a picnic. It is cheap and the produce is fresh. It can be as detracting as a botanical garden.

3. Run in place for half an hour. I think I have found the fountain of youth my first summer in Saratoga Springs. I dutifully bought myself a tube of Benadryl and six months later, here I am forty-eight and I still have that tube. It is one of my best memories of the summer of 2007. Ground floor apartments in Oceanside, NY

4. Take a sustainably-grown fruit and veggie picnic and make your salad with the results. It’s cheap, you’re eating local produce, and everyone can join in.

5. Take advantage of online parking. It’s a godsend for condo owners with acreage in the London, NY area.

6. Go to the bank or nearby bank to pay via the Internet. They do it in the comfort of their offices. Instant payment with a click of the mouse.

7. Pay via credit card directly to a restaurant. Online payment – and it’s usually a little safer because you can see the status of your card online.

8. Check out what kind of deals you can get with your credit card in Travelocity, Expedia, or cheap Travel Online- many of the credit card companies offer good travel deals through these or similar sites.

9. Check out package deals with local airports (only for carry-on luggage).

10. If you’re going out of town, rent a car. Rent a car when you get there, and you will save a lot of money. And driving is a great way to see the countryside.

11. Pack only the essentials. The fewer items you drag around with you, the easier it will be to get past security guards who should be scanning your bags. I pack a few things for emergencies (people who are wheelchair-bound, have nursing equipment, or other specific needs.) along with a raincoat, flashlight, and batteries.

12. When Auditorium in New York City is sold out, head to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal to catch a boat to the Island of Aloha.

13. When making your hotel reservation, mention that you booked via Not only will this website steadily shipped off your best ideas, but you’ll also increase your likelihood of keeping in contact with others who stayed directly with you.

14. Ask the hotel staff for the Collectible Dictionary. I spent an hour online specialized in learning just the right word for our vacation destination – instead of typing in every awkward homegrown term I would emerge from my fuzzy keyboard.

So pack up your goods and go traveling to India or Italy.