Hello From Sicily – A Fantastic Driving Tour Around Taormina

Hello From Sicily – A Fantastic Driving Tour Around Taormina

My second article about Sicily had already been posted a while ago, about 7 days after I had already stayed in Taormina for almost 3 wonderful days to get to know this beautiful city and my two Italian teachers Francesco and Franco had also stayed to get to know the city. So I decided it was time to also pick up another story to complete this Italian language learning experience.

My destination for the second half of my trip was Taormina, a gorgeous mountain village located gorgeous lake-side just outside of Mount Etna, Sicily. Taormina is sometimes referred to as the “Platini of the Mediterranean” for its long, narrow, and extremely inappropriate roads that wind through tiny villages.

I had already seen a bit of Taormina, located just west of the mountain of Mount Etna, in my November post about the discovery of “Homer’s tomb”. Ever since then I have been keen to get more into the village lifestyle and its people, their culture, and their expression of life. Taormina is a very touristy destination – lots of shops, bars, and restaurants. But there is also a lot more to do. Don’t miss my latest post about places in Italy you could miss to visit before you go.

The beginning of our journey

My friends Rob had informed me that June was the beginning of “la nonna vita”, the summer season that offers a multitude of different things to do. Besides staying in their cabin, where they had set up their tent as well as some fishing boats, they wanted to get a bit closer to the agricultural side of things. So we decided to have some fresh Italian food with our Italian cooking classes and a bit of local wine tasting. Perfect.

The food was fantastic and we had a variety of Sicilian dishes. I can say that our Taormina vacation was perfect. My two Italian cooking colleagues said that they had never tasted fresh Sicilian food before and that they were really spoilt for choice.

Well, Sicily is a big island and it is difficult to see everything. We would highly recommend Mirage Taormina Hotels, located close to the village, to house you in a lovely location. near the downtown and also to go just a little bit deeper into Taormina and really see what the island has to offer.

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