A Look at How to Buy Discount Cigars

A Look at How to Buy Discount Cigars

Unlike most cigarettes, cigars are available in discount or low-cost versions. This is mainly due to the manufacturing processes being changed from roll to roll, instead of the cigarette companies using the same processes to make a generic cigarette. Additionally, cigars are subject to Rules and regulations that govern the kinds of liquids (e.g. alcohol) that can be used in them. As a result, manufacturers are not allowed to sell them with a discount, as they would with a discount automobile. Nevertheless, there are some great discount cigars available, mainly Grand Slam cigars. Even though these are hand-rolled by hand, at the end of the cigar there are many more cigars for you to choose from. They range in length, cost, and sometimes you can bum one for a cheap price. Here are some of the most popular brands of discount cigars.

A Cohiba-sized cigar is not the cheapest cigar in the world. It will set you back at least $50. Beautiful dark brown and torpedo boxes are more attractive than the cheap, plastic ones. They are sometimes shorter and devoid of taste. You will have to be sure of your bargain.

Saint Rafael

Small and very flavorful. These cigars are generally smaller than the Casares, but not by much. They are made from tobacco leaves and some are wrapped in brown paper. The smallest cigar in this range is the classic Monterrey-sized cigar. They are to die for and retail for about $50 retail.

La Flor Dominicana

The Connecticut based company makes the famous lightweight grandes (regardless of their size) and one of the best prices on them. The Gustavo Ahenders makes the cigars with a very honest strategy. He purchases a sufficient number of tobacco leaves from tobacco suppliers who have not been evincing the leaves have been properly harvested. As a result, there are a sufficient number of good-sized leaves to be harvested and processed. The processed tobacco is then Elijah Craig’s style, which is very flavorful but has little or no nicotine. The batch of cigars is sold for a bargain price of $28.50 (in 2007).

Flor De Canados

The Flor De Canados is one of the top, top brands when it comes to discount cigars. They are throwbacks to the early days of grand cigars. The proper term for these cigars is grand cigars, as they are larger and Hence, they are more expensive, as they are rolled in larger torques and with higher degrees of topping. They are the top models in a sense, and a person who has not purchased any of these cigars previously will have no other option than to try these large cigars.


If you hear someone say they are “on camelback” or similar, they are probably all about their Scottish light wrappers. Other flavors are sourced from almonds, peanuts, and coconut. Virginias, being the lightest tobacco outside of Kenya, is the base for most American cigars. They range in length from short to long and are usually sold in a 50-centime cigar box.

Clove cigarettes

Sorry campers: smoking clove is not for you. However, you should not dismiss this gem of a stogieJust because it has little clove in it does not mean it is not good. Clove adds a nice flavor to the cigar; it not as sweet and/or as spicy as other cigars. You will need to taste it to understand its flavor. In summary, if you are a light smoker and prefer nice and subtle flavors, a clove based cigar is a good choice.

Blue Whale 

I have always been a Blue Whale fan. The last time I smoked one was at the 2007 Eivalival Denver Extravaganza. Philosophically, the combination of blue and white makes the cigar a true bargain. Even the name long should be viewed as somewhat of a duet with the idea of a blue whale, as in the ocean, it is the same tone. But the idea of a blue whale, with its rotors and flippers, is just too much for me. smoker, fish food, and a Blue Whale are a great combination.

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