My Journey to The Moscow City

My Journey to The Moscow City

Russia is an amazing country. Even though it is smaller than what we normally see in Europe, the culture and the way people live there is different than in any other part of the world. We decided to give the country a try and see what it is all about.

As always, we flew out of Moscow today in quite a speedy plane. It seems like everyone is trying to get one last look at this great country before they hop on a plane to somewhere else. We had a chance to take a look at some of the country’s most important landmarks.

Moscow at a glance

As we entered the city of Moscow, I was in a very confident mood. After my last trip to this city six months ago, I was looking forward to seeing this beautiful place. Since my friend Olga’s Introduction of me to Russia and my anticipation of seeing this city, I have never lost my direction.

It was easy to contact and talk with people. Besides, all the people I talked to were very friendly. We started seeing different crowds of people walking on the streets, going to the stores, shopping, or relaxing. Soon, we also started seeing young people reading the news on the benches in front of the buildings. This gave me a bit of information about the demographic of the city. The population of the city is about 13 million people.

I have never seen so many people in one place try to take a rest as I did that day. It was a festive day and everyone was walking around, feeling happy to be in a place where they felt welcome and comfortable. When I realized how much fun it had been to be in Russia, I realized what a superb place this country is.

My first trip to Russia

My first trip to Russia was July 2003. It was the first time visiting a country for me and my sister and our two small children. We had heard that it was an exceptionally beautiful place and invited to come and see it. It turned out to be right on our expectations.

My child and I stayed in a hotel in a tower of glass that was right on the telegraph tower. When we arrived late one afternoon, my daughter was feverish and irritable. My only consolation was that at least it was an indoor tower. I should have gone to the hospital.

My Victory Square, which is right next to the Kremlin Palace, is an accurate replica of Trajan’s Markets in Livia. You can buy nothing but souvenirs here, but Best Western, Holiday Inn, and McDonald’s franchises are all over. 

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