Phuket — A Tropical Wonderland

Phuket — A Tropical Wonderland

Phuket is a beautiful island nestled in balmy Andaman Sea waters in the south of Thailand. For decades, Phuket enjoyed a reputation as a simple but luxurious holiday destination. Years of aggressive marketing has created quite a buildup of luxury holiday destinations in Phuket. Now it is time to see what all the fuss is about.

My start of the holiday in Phuket

My holiday to Phuket was during the December Full Moon celebration. celebrating the longest day of the year in Thailand. During the day, hotels, resorts, and restaurants open their doors to welcomes bowl of soup lying in the greenery far below. And it is a truly spectacular view!

As I was traveling to Phuket, a Thai couple I spoke to for my full piece of advice fell in love. They told me that if I wanted to see the Phuket islands, I should stay at the Kimvelliram group- hotels that they were promoting. “Seven and a half gorgeous beaches and I can park my car at the south-west corner,” they smiled, encouraging me to make a decision.

During the week, I traveled from one side of Phuket to the other. But I only saw a small part of what this island has to offer.

It’s a journey that needs to be revisited. But somehow, I doubt whether I would have traded half my trip for the luxury hotels if it were not for the items mentioned above.

Phuket is a tropical paradise, and Dram’s home, just a few kilometers from the southern shore of Phuket, is the commercial heart of the island. Old roadways are replaced by modern roads. Thai food is in almost every restaurant. I saw no one selling any food on the streets. I visited a string of street vendors and was never disappointed. The weather was wonderful most of the time. The nightlife is busy and enjoyable. If you are making arrangements for your next trip, be sure to make a reservation at the top of the Le Meridien overlooking the Phuket fens. If you cannot leave yourself to just the right side of the island, stay on the southern side of the island at the Jungfrau Beach Resort- hotels and restaurants are on your doorstep. It’s an easy walk to the heart of the complex.

Phuket is blessed by the presence of two monumental temples, shrines, and, of course, beaches. The first of these two temples can be found in Old Phuket. The famous Khlong Rhu Trong became a Buddhist temple in 1856 and dedicated to the sitting Buddha, but other worship sites were added such as the Mekong La Tua paying tribute to the monkey God, Thun Pha Neak.

The golden sands beaches of Phuket

The golden sands are dazzling golden, and the lighthouse is one of the best in the world.

Phuket is no less than paradise, and the people are the friendliest in the whole of Asia. Resort life is all about fun and frolic, holidays are carefree, and the atmosphere is lighthearted and friendly. The cooked seafood of the island is world-class, and the dining options are many and varied.

Old places of Phuket

Old Phuket has come to be one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Comfortable accommodation is all that is needed to explore this tropical paradise and discover yourself in a completely different world. It only needs some time to Uncover the many tourist places in and around Old Phuket.

The many attractions include the ruins of Khlong Talai, the island’s old fishing village, plus the highlights of a trip to the beautiful Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, the tranquil La Lapyt National Park, the Khao Lak National Park and the hospitable Ranong National Park, plus many more.

A trip to Thailand needs never to be complete without a visit to Patong Beach. The famous Strip of Patong is a serene full of small islets bordered by tiny islets, its wonderful fish farms, an array of magnificent coves. More than anything, however, it is the endless views of Phuket and the island that captivate the imagination of visitors. Phuket is a destination for those who wish to leave the stresses of their daily lives behind and experience a highly spiritual and cultural uplifting experience. This island in the Andaman Sea ventures a lonely way to discover itself – and its treasures.

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