School Tours That Reveal Some Jewels of Europe

School Tours That Reveal Some Jewels of Europe

Europe is a cuddly little continent, home to a multitude of nations with a love for the culture that is often the cornerstone of their economies. The prosperity of these nations has led to an influx of students from all over the world and with so many school tours to myriad destinations around the world, this is a continent that is bubbling with knowledge and culture.

When it comes to inquirers, however, only a small portion of these populations are actually on the receiving end of these tours. Despite the high-profile nature of such tours and the perceived ethics and intentions behind them, there are actually a lot of students who are more suited to museums and visiting war memorials than they are to the most mundane of journeys.

Museums and War Memorials

Many museums and war memorials exist in the areas where these wars took place; no student on a school tour to Europe should miss the opportunity to visit a battlefield or museum. While many of these locations are located in France, Germany, or the UK, several are now located in other European nations as well. With such a multitude of locations to choose from, most school tours can include a tour of at least one of these sites and, sometimes, a visit to a museum dedicated to one of the main focal points of the conflict.

Many school tours are designed with the notion of students being able to relate to and appreciate the history of a specific conflict through the eyes of the devotees of that conflict. While there is certainly no substitute for actually experiencing the history of conflict in person, there is something about museums that gives a semblance of the experience. Especially during the school holidays when students are more likely to be enthusiastic about their love of the trenches, museums provide a means for them to appreciate their subject from a more personal level.

Wreath Day and Ploughing Day

The biggest and most important holiday of the year is the celebration of the commemorative day of the Anzac Day, when boys and men from all over Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain, traveled to the Battlefields to commemorate the Anzac sacrifice celebrated in all schools on the 26th April, the day is also known as Wreath Day and Ploughing Day, and is the first national service commemoration day in Australia. While the precise origins of the holiday are unknown, it is believed to have originated from a plaque erected in admiration of the soldiers who laid down their lives in the war which had been fought in only 12 months.

In addition to all these, there are several other opportunities for students to come into contact with history during their school tours to Europe.

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