3 Easy-To-Plan Things To Do With Kids In Red River, New Mexico

3 Easy-To-Plan Things To Do With Kids In Red River, New Mexico

When thinking up things to do in Red River, New Mexico, many of us typically include hiking, biking, boating, fishing, and camping in our plans. However, in reality, spending time like this with your kids can be a lot of fun in itself. Before you leave, keep the following four suggestions in mind to ensure your Red River, New Mexico vacation is the best it can be.

1. Hike

With spectacular views and unique geographical features, hiking is a breath-taking and compelling way to spend time with your family in Red River, New Mexico. Although there are many places in the area to hike, one of the most popular spots for hikers is Cades Cove. In addition to the Cove, there are two other tremendous hiking trails in the area: the maps for the Otter Trail and the Desert Tour.

The maps for these trails show clearly what the various bits of landscape and vegetation are like so you won’t miss anything. What’s more, there are lots of great photo opportunities as you pass by cliffs, towering pine trees, and unusual rock formations.

2. Camping

Looking for ways to spend a day without needing a spot of iron? Here’s your chance to do so! Red River, New Mexico offers many camping options. From simply lying under the shade of a tree to truly getting away from it all, there are sites for you to enjoy. If you would prefer not to be quite that close to nature, you can always reserve a spot at a campground. The same goes for climbing; many of the rock formations are over 10,000 feet tall.

3. Rock climbing

Finally, we have another great activity that can be done in Red River, New Mexico. Rock climbing is a popular activity that involves climbing over high rocks, up steep telescopic stairs and using tools and steel hooks. Many of the rock formations are unique; they usually involve long lines of spike rocks. You may find that you’re able to climb them using only your hands! Don’t forget to gather the info about how to organize a perfect family vacation.

Aside from these three great activities, there are thousands of things to do in Red River, New Mexico. The bottom line? Whatever you do, try to make Red River, New Mexico as part of your permanent itinerary. Some of these activities are fun for the kids and can be great fun for anyone else.

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