Travel To Romania – Chaotic Magnificence Bucharest

Travel To Romania – Chaotic Magnificence Bucharest

The most Romanian city is Bucharest, which is also the country’s capital. An ancient city with a population of 150 thousand people, it’s been shaped by the waves of the last century and the country’s events. According to the opinion of the historian mandatory seasonal residence in the country, the growth of population and trade conditions in 1848 and 1849 were the main factors in the urbanization of Moldova.

Not only in Romania. Not only inelegant towns, aged houses, strange landscapes, crowded streets, and provincial customs have attracted the tourists in the last times. There are many other countries as well, extraordinary landscapes, rich traditions, and culture have given their heritage form to numerous monuments of the European and world middle ages.

How can you get there

The combination with the picturesque landscapes can be made only through a long river trip across the Danube and the ideal conditions for this activity are ideal for both, winter and summer vacations. If you come to think about it, almost all the recreational activities are accessible either by water or by air.

The historical constructions and the largest part of the cities from the post soviet life have been designed in such a way as they bring the materials of the past – stones, walls, churches, towers, Lyons trolley. The soviet-style is obvious.

The capital of Romania

Bucharest is an exotic and rather unusual alloy of European and oriental influence. It’s a curious mix of architectural traditions and national characteristics. The best examples of this style are Palacina Palace and Observation Tower, both in Bucharest, Peles Palace, and coming soon(?) in Gurec, both in Bucharest and Brasov, or the Tower of regardless in Brasov City.

There are no less than 12 Pietro Roofs in Romania. Some of the astonishing pieces of architecture, which are fit for a holiday in Romania, such as the Painted Tower in Brasov City, or the Royal Chapel in Saraco, or the offerings in Paralimni.

Sweetness and romance can be felt in the villages of Moldavia which won’t be less than 10 minutes from the coast. The wines and Kentsa are worlds known for their quality and the world-famous for their inviting atmosphere. Try the naked sunbathing on the beach in Sanier, or the virgin bunches in Socovlje, two villages that won’t be less than 10 kilometers from each other. If you are lucky, you may catch the great casts in Suceava or their distant cousins in Brasov.

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